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Ogham "Soulmate" pendantpersonalized jewelry, hand engraved in Celtic ogham script



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This pendant reads "anam cara", the Irish-language words for "soulmate", written in ogham script, the alphabet used by ancient Celtic Druids. Please read more about the history of druids and ogham script on the description in the shop home page.Ogham script is read from bottom to top, and can also be read from right to left.This necklace and pendant are nickel-free and hand-engraved by me. As each pendant is hand-engraved, none will look exactly the same as these photos, but the pendants and chains will be the same as the ones in the photos. I can also engrave your own name on a pendant like this; please see the following listings for personalized ogham pendants if you are interested a pendant with your own name, or the name of a loved one:Narrow pendant: https://www./listing/499566459/personalized-ogham-pendant-narrowWide pendant: https://www./listing/760179721/personalized-ogham-pendant-wide-versionHorizontal pendant: https://www./listing/766729831/personalized-ogham-pendant-hand-engravedFour-sided pendant that can have up to four names engraved: https://www./listing/752846628/personalized-ogham-pendant-up-to-four, jewelry

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