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JUMBO SMOKED TOPAZ Magnetic number pins horse show number magnet Swarovski



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In Gate ImpressionsJUMBO Magnetic Number PinsYour horse is ready\u2026Are you?Need a little extra \u201cbling\u201d for the show ring? Now you can get our Jumbo Number Magnets from In Gate Impressions to make that ultimate show ring impression! Our Number Magnets use superior components and are hand crafted in the USA! To get the color & style that looks great in the ring we start with a beautiful large rondelle (over \u00be\u201d!) surrounded by rhinestones. Then a Swarovski\u00a9 crystal is placed in the center. These stones are pointed top and bottom and are faceted with a highly polished surface that displays the color with vivid brilliance. Use your Number Magnets to accent your show outfit with both function & beauty. The magnets used are \u00bd\u201d x 1/8\u201d industrial magnets. We install one magnet on the back of the Crystal/Rondelle setting, then another magnet is provided for using on the inside of clothing.You will receive a set of 4 Number Magnets in a boxed set. To use: Handle one Number Magnet at a time, placing the Crystal side on the outside and the plain magnet on the inside of clothing. Do not let the magnets snap together, they can be difficult to separate and also may pinch! Caution: Individuals with pacemakers or internal medical devices should keep magnets at a distance. Keep away from children. Magnets & crystals are fragile \u2013 proper care and handling is essential. Jumbo Magnet Swarovski colors available: Amethyst, Crystal, Crystal AB, Jet, Montana, Rose, Olivine, Smoked TopazSatisfaction Guaranteed!In Gate Impressions

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