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starfish, Star of the Sea sterling silver earrings by Charles Sherman



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Star of the Sea2017Sterling silver earrings1/2"$240Designed by Charles Shermanin 2017, Los Angeles, CaliforniaStar of the Sea is made by the traditional lost wax method, and is hand cast and hand polished. The earrings come with sterling silver lever backs.Ships free worldwide from Los Angeles, California. The oceanic sea star on earth and the celestial stars of the cosmos infinitely reflect each other. \u201cAs above, so below.\u201d said Hermes Trismegistus. The Star of the Sea design embodies the perfection of the Universe.The sea star lives in the ocean, the origin of all life. The connection of the sea star to water deepens its symbolism, as water is symbolic of purification and healing.The sea star has the ability to regenerate missing limbs and a highly developed sensory perception. The delicate design of the Star of the Sea earrings evoke self healing and rejuvenation.Also available as a pendant, 1/2" ............. $150See separate Etsy listing. The earrings may be ordered in 14K gold. Contact the designer for details., sea star

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