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shakudo, Shakudo & Silver Chinese Japanese Zodiac Cufflinks



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A pair of truly exceptional Shakudo cufflinks, the faces being a matched pair of mixed-metal plaques representing all the signs of the Chinese and Japanese Zodiac, including tigers, boars, dragons, rats, roosters, rabbits, snakes, oxen, dogs, monkeys, sheep and horses. The detail work is amazing and the design is one of the most complex we've seen. The plaques are mounted on custom-fitted 950 silver backs with toggle mechanisms. The shakudo plaques date to the 19th century Meiji period and the silver fittings are around 1950.\u2022 Origin: Japan.\u2022 Condition: excellent, original patina, sharp detail.\u2022 Dimensions: 1-1/4" x 5/8".\u2022 Weight: 12.2 grams.VIEW ALL CUFFLINKS & DRESS SETS OUR HOMEPAGE FOR NEW ARRIVALS US FOR PREVIEWS & PROMOTIONSFacebook, chinese

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