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stacker, Sterling Silver Stacker Earrings with Freshwater Pearls and Swarovski Crystals



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Sara Jewelry Design. A stunning pair of stacker style earrings that feature freshwater pearls amid sterling silver. The stacker is formed from a single headpin at the base of which you'll find a bezel-set silver freshwater pearl. Atop this headpin I have arranged a design composed of a sterling silver beaded rondelle, an 8mm cranberry (dyed) freshwater pearl, another sterling silver beaded rondelle, a 4mm Rose Peach Swarovski crystal bicone bead and, finally, a 4mm sterling silver "smart" bead to hold the design in place on the stacker wire. "Smart" beads have an integral nylon clutch that fit the bead snugly to the wire, preventing slippage. Last of all, I formed the ear hooks from the standing part of the headpin.The overall design length is one and one-half inches. With rich colors and shimmering metals, this will be a pair of earrings that will command attention.I will ship these your way the next business day via USPS first class mail with a tracking ID number. Sara Jewelry Design. Your Desire is Our Design., silver

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