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square, 14kt W.G. Princess White Sapphire Engagement Solitiare Ring



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SO shiney...very hard get a good picture. But here it is.Set in 14kt white gold 4 prong setting. Can be made in yellow gold also.This is a Sri Lankan(Ceylon) 1.96ct White Sapphire. Measures 7x7mm Colorless normal heat onlyNatural Sapphire.Color DClarity VVS/IFSapphires are next to the hardness of a diamond.Diamond being a 10 and sapphire being a 9 on the Mohn Scale for hardness. So, Why Buy A Diamond?This has all the looks of a diamond for a fraction of the cost.Made to fit..This sapphire is not white, it is very clear. Can not get any better than a "D" color.Layaway available., solitaire

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